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Bangladesh Convention on Rainwater Harvesting 2012

Bangladesh Convention on Rainwater Harvesting 2012 was held in Dhaka on 15-16 June 2012 organised by WaterAid Bangladesh in collaboration with Institute of Water Management (IWM), Rain Forum, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India and ended up with agreeing to the following Dhaka Declaration and call upon the Government of Bangladesh, civil society, academic institutions, private sector and important stakeholders to favourably look into the merit of the call. The convention had five business sessions where 19 papers were presented and debated. This Dhaka Declaration is based on these deliberations including the inaugural session.The convention concluded with the understanding that rainwater should be considered as solution to water crisis management. The potentiality of rainwater harvesting to address household level water scarcity as well as to enhance groundwater recharging has already been tested in the context of Bangladesh, which has also been encouraged by the Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Continue..

Date: 15-16 June 2012

Venue: Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, Dhaka

Programme flow of rainwater convention 2012

Day01:: Inaugural Ceremony
Day 02::Pleanary Session
Day 02::Dhaka Declaration 2012
Day 02::Thematic Session 01
Day 02::Thematic Session 02
Day 02::Thematic Session 03
Day 02::Thematic Session 04
Day 02::Thematic Session 05